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Fiscally conservative Republican in PA's 13th district

Press Release: Schwartz Celebrates While Constituents Suffer

Delivered via Mail, Email and Certified Letter

September 5th, 2012

The Honorable Allyson Schwartz

c/o Schwartz for Congress

PO Box 2232

Jenkintown, PA 19046


Dear Ms. Schwartz,

What, and why, are you celebrating in Charlotte?

Are you happy that your constituents are far worse off now then they were when you first went to Congress? 

Or are you celebrating the deep recession you are making worse each day with national debt now at over $16 trillion and no plans to curtail spending?

Are you so pleased with yourself that total U.S. indebtedness from all sources is now a staggering $145 trillion?  This debt will take decades to deal with.

I think I know why you are so happy while your constituents suffer.  Your net worth, according to you, has increased by a million dollars or so while property values have decreased 30-40% for all of us and unemployment has doubled.  It must be nice to celebrate while your constituents are in dire straits.

Finally, your vote to cut Medicare by over $730 billion and ration health care is not something to celebrate, despite your speech in Charlotte.

Afraid to debate?  With your record, you should be.

Please contact my campaign when you are back from your political party and you are prepared to discuss your record.



Joe Rooney

Candidate for Congress


Press Release: National Debt Hits $16 Trillion on Rep. Schwartz’s Watch

Yesterday, former Marine Corps fighter pilot, Delta captain, and fiscally conservative Republican for Congress Joe Rooney sent incumbent Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz the following letter by US mail, fax and email, giving her a chance to explain why she voted to increase the U.S. debt to over $16 trillion:


Dear Ms. Schwartz,

As you head off to celebrate at your national convention, you leave in your wake a $16 trillion debt, which your constituents, along with all Americans, must pay for. A deep recession, massive unemployment, and the numerous an

ti-job creation votes you have cast, have all plunged our local communities into deeper turmoil and hopelessness.

Here are the facts of your record:

– You have crushed us and continue to crush local families with massive federal debt, which as of this week stands at over $16 trillion.

– Since 2009, you have voted to increase the national debt by $5,349,641,980,231.06. That is as much as the entire debt accumulated by the United States from the founding of the country in 1776 until Feb 28th, 1997, back when President Bill Clinton was in his second term.

– Thanks to you and your support for massive new family and job-crushing debt, the total debt ($16 trillion) has increased more while you have served in Congress than in any time in history. Your votes are now killing our future.

– Over the last 4 years, you have voted to accumulate debt at twice the rate of the previous eight years.

Please tell us why you have voted to deepen the recession. Will you finally agree to a series of debates, which you have ducked so far? We await your response.


Joe Rooney
Candidate for Congress

Press Release: Schwartz’s Vote to Cut $700 Billion from Medicare

This week, Ardsley native, veteran Marine fighter pilot, and Delta Captain Joe Rooney was endorsed by Pennsylvania congressmen Jim Gerlach, Pat Meehan, Mike Fitzpatrick and Charlie Dent.  On the heels of their endorsement, fiscal conservative Joe Rooney sent the following letter to his opponent Allyson Schwartz:

Sent via Mail, Email and Fax

Dear Ms. Schwartz,

Why did you vote to cut Medicare by over $700 billion? You are destroying Medicare for families and seniors and not working to protect us here at home.

Why did you vote to gut Medicare, not just once, but repeatedly? You voted to ration health care and place nameless, faceless bureaucrats in charge of our health care here at home.  That’s just plain wrong.

Simply put, you cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare to pay for rationing health care, and empowered a board of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to gut Medicare and hurt us.  We don’t need rationing and we sure don’t need more government bureaucrats.

Fact:       Congressional Budget Office (CBO):  Latest estimate for Obamacare’s Medicare cuts are $ 741 Billion. (Source:  “Estimates for the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act Updated for the Recent Supreme Court Decision,” Congressional Budget Office, July 2012)

Congresswoman Schwartz, you need to explain to taxpayers why you consistently vote against us.  As always, the taxpayers and I await your answer to these very important questions.




Joe Rooney

Candidate for Congress

More on the Schwartz Economic Record

Congresswoman Schwartz still hasn’t responded to the debate invitation, but the voters of PA 13 should know about her economic record:


  • She voted AGAINST a balanced budget amendment.
  • She voted in favor of an unsuccessful $787 BILLION stimulus.
  • In just two months, she voted for $1.2 TRILLION in new spending.
  • She received a score of only 12% from the National Taxpayers’ Union.

Obama, Schwartz, and the Hit on Your Wallet

The Obama-Schwartz economic plan of deficit spending, higher taxes, and increased regulation doesn’t just threaten the health of our economy as a whole.  It also makes our own daily lives harder.  The RNC calculates that under President Obama, there’s been a nearly 15% increase in the cost of a standardized shopping list.

There’s also new evidence that the Obamacare, which Congresswoman Schwartz continues to tout, is making matters worse.  Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter recently warned that the new regulations in the healthcare law will cost an extra 11 to 14 cents per pizza.

Meanwhile, unemployment is at 8% in Pennsylvania.  It’s hard to see how Obama and Schwartz are looking out for the middle class.



Press Release: Why is Congresswoman Schwartz Hiding?

Joe Rooney sent incumbent Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz a series of letters by US mail, fax and email, giving the Congresswoman a chance to explain her anti-taxpayer, anti-senior and anti-family votes and actions while serving in Congress.  

To date, Allyson Schwartz has refused to answer a single question about her awful anti-taxpayer record in Congress.  These questions include:

–        Why have you taken thousands of dollars in taxpayer funded pay increases?

–        Why did you exempt some congressional staff from Obamacare?

–        Why will you not join me in promising to cut congressional budgets and staff by 10%?

–        Why do you accept and vote to fund a beauty salon and other congressional perks?

–        Why has your net worth gone up by at least half a million dollars, while your constituents net worth has gone down?

–        Why won’t you release copies of your federal income taxes?

–        Why won’t you agree to a series of debates?

–        Why did you vote to increase the national debt to over $ 1.6 trillion dollars?

–        Why, just this week, did you again vote for massive new tax increases?

The Schwartz Voting Record: Trillion Dollar Deficits

It’s been a week since Rep. Allyson Schwartz received an invitation to debate the issues in PA 13 at a public forum.  She hasn’t responded, despite taking time to campaign for candidates outside of the district, so this blog will bring her record to you instead.

In 2009, she voted for a budget with a trillion-dollar deficit.  That’s $1,000,000,000,000.

Check this space regularly for more of Congresswoman Schwartz’s liberal positions on deficits, taxes, abortion, and other issues.

“Generation Squeezed”

“I worry about the future — not mine but that of my three children, all in their 20s.”  Columnist Robert Samuelson is worried about the impact of Washington’s reckless deficit spending on our children.  I am too, which is one of the reasons that I’m running for Congress.  But when you look at Allyson Schwartz’s voting record in Congress, it doesn’t seem like she’s concerned about the fallout for our kids from the current fiscal irresponsibility.


Read the whole column here:


And check out more data from the NRCC here:

Rooney Challenges Schwartz to Series of Debates

Today, Joe Rooney sent the following letter to Congresswoman Schwartz challenging her to a series of public debates so that she can explain her anti-taxpayer and anti-senior votes in Congress.

Joe Rooney stated, “I look forward to hearing from the Congresswoman that she will join me in these debates so that we can bring the issues directly to the taxpayers without campaign sound-bites.  It is important that voters understand exactly where we stand on the issues.  What better way is there to do so, than participating in a series of debates brought directly to voters in their communities?”


Dear Congresswoman Schwartz,

You have continually voted against taxpayers and seniors in Congress.

Will you agree to a series of debates so voters will get a chance to see and hear us in action clearly stating our positions on critical issues?  These issues affect the lives of families, taxpayers, seniors and singles everyday here at home and our district deserves to know exactly where we stand.

There are a few things and many anti-senior and anti-taxpayer votes you need to explain, and these public debates will give you that chance.

At the debate, you will have an opportunity to address a few simple questions that your constituents want answers to:

–        Why did you vote to raise taxes?

–        Why has your net worth increased while the net worth of most of your constituents has decreased dramatically in this terrible economy?

–        Why did you vote to cut Medicare?

–        Why did you vote to increase the national debt to over $ 1.6 Trillion?

Please contact us ASAP so that we can agree to a public debate schedule.



Joe Rooney

Candidate for Congress, PA-13


Good luck to all of our Olympians, including the ones from Pennsylvania.  

Yet even as we celebrate their achievements and cheer them on at the Games, we must never forget the athletes who were murdered by terrorists at the Munich Games in 1972.