Fact Checking Schwartz on Obamacare Repeal

by Joe Rooney for Congress

Rep. Allyson Schwartz voted against repealing Obamacare today, despite continued popular opposition to the law and its tax hikes.

Earlier this week, she testified before the House Rules Committee about the unpopular law.  We decided to check her facts and claims. 

  • Rep. Schwartz:  “House Republicans are continuing their politically-motivated attempts to repeal health care reform, instead of responding to the priorities of the American public to work across the aisle to grow our economy and strengthen opportunities and financial security for America’s middle class.”
  • The Truth:  Rep. Schwartz and the Democrats in Washington made healthcare their number-one priority after the 2008 election, passing thousands of pages of new regulations and hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes instead of restoring the conditions for economic growth.
  • Rep. Schwartz:  Repeal would “increase the deficit.”
  • The Truth:  When Democrats talk about how much the law will reduce the deficit over 10 years, they are counting 10 years of taxing against only six years of spending.
  • Rep. Schwartz:  Repeal would “put insurance companies back in charge of Americans’ health care.”
  • The Truth: Republicans have their own plan for health care reform that will put patients first.  I support giving the employer tax credit to individuals so that they can purchase their own health insurance; allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines; and removing the caps, taxes, and regulations that Obmacare places on individual healthcare spending.
  • Rep. Schwartz:  Repeal would “eliminate $40 billion in tax credits.”
  • The Truth:  I think small businesses and individual taxpayers will be much happier to be rid of the unprecedented new individual mandate tax and the over $813 billion in tax increases.
  • Rep. Schwartz:  “Their actions are creating uncertainty and instability, renewing arguments that have been settled, and hurting our economic recovery and the security of middle-class Americans.”
  • The Truth:  The greater uncertainty here is caused by the government overhaul of such a key piece of our economy.  When the cost of health insurance is uncertain, business owners will be more hesitant to hire new workers.
  • Rep. Schwartz:  “It is disrespectful to the Supreme Court.”
  • The Truth:  This is nothing less than to misunderstand the Constitution.  It is disrespectful to the American people to suggest that their representatives cannot choose to repeal a piece of legislation, even one that the Supreme Court has declared constitutional.  Chief Justice Roberts, writing for the Court, reminded readers, “‪It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”  He got that part right.  It is within the power of the people’s representatives to repeal whatever legislation they see fit.  What’s more, it is the right of the people themselves to elect lawmakers who will do so.