Around the Web: Josh Quinter on Joe Rooney

by Joe Rooney for Congress

We’re posting part of a piece by Josh Quinter from his blog, “Pennsylvania Patriot,” which we encourage all of you to check out at  Here’s a taste.


“Several months ago Joe Rooney came to my office to talk about his decision to run for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District.  I could instantaneously see a familiar look in his eye.  I grew up the son of a U.S. Marine and knew that when he said he was committed to doing what it takes to win this race, the fighter pilot in front of me meant it.  We went on to talk about other aspects of the campaign and his politics.  Through that conversation and many more since then, I have concluded that Joe Rooney is the right guy to represent the 13th Congressional District in Congress; and I offer him my full support in his race to unseat Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz.”


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