Rooney Challenges Schwartz to Series of Debates

by Joe Rooney for Congress

Today, Joe Rooney sent the following letter to Congresswoman Schwartz challenging her to a series of public debates so that she can explain her anti-taxpayer and anti-senior votes in Congress.

Joe Rooney stated, “I look forward to hearing from the Congresswoman that she will join me in these debates so that we can bring the issues directly to the taxpayers without campaign sound-bites.  It is important that voters understand exactly where we stand on the issues.  What better way is there to do so, than participating in a series of debates brought directly to voters in their communities?”


Dear Congresswoman Schwartz,

You have continually voted against taxpayers and seniors in Congress.

Will you agree to a series of debates so voters will get a chance to see and hear us in action clearly stating our positions on critical issues?  These issues affect the lives of families, taxpayers, seniors and singles everyday here at home and our district deserves to know exactly where we stand.

There are a few things and many anti-senior and anti-taxpayer votes you need to explain, and these public debates will give you that chance.

At the debate, you will have an opportunity to address a few simple questions that your constituents want answers to:

–        Why did you vote to raise taxes?

–        Why has your net worth increased while the net worth of most of your constituents has decreased dramatically in this terrible economy?

–        Why did you vote to cut Medicare?

–        Why did you vote to increase the national debt to over $ 1.6 Trillion?

Please contact us ASAP so that we can agree to a public debate schedule.



Joe Rooney

Candidate for Congress, PA-13