Press Release: Why is Congresswoman Schwartz Hiding?

by Joe Rooney for Congress

Joe Rooney sent incumbent Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz a series of letters by US mail, fax and email, giving the Congresswoman a chance to explain her anti-taxpayer, anti-senior and anti-family votes and actions while serving in Congress.  

To date, Allyson Schwartz has refused to answer a single question about her awful anti-taxpayer record in Congress.  These questions include:

–        Why have you taken thousands of dollars in taxpayer funded pay increases?

–        Why did you exempt some congressional staff from Obamacare?

–        Why will you not join me in promising to cut congressional budgets and staff by 10%?

–        Why do you accept and vote to fund a beauty salon and other congressional perks?

–        Why has your net worth gone up by at least half a million dollars, while your constituents net worth has gone down?

–        Why won’t you release copies of your federal income taxes?

–        Why won’t you agree to a series of debates?

–        Why did you vote to increase the national debt to over $ 1.6 trillion dollars?

–        Why, just this week, did you again vote for massive new tax increases?