Press Release: National Debt Hits $16 Trillion on Rep. Schwartz’s Watch

by Joe Rooney for Congress

Yesterday, former Marine Corps fighter pilot, Delta captain, and fiscally conservative Republican for Congress Joe Rooney sent incumbent Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz the following letter by US mail, fax and email, giving her a chance to explain why she voted to increase the U.S. debt to over $16 trillion:


Dear Ms. Schwartz,

As you head off to celebrate at your national convention, you leave in your wake a $16 trillion debt, which your constituents, along with all Americans, must pay for. A deep recession, massive unemployment, and the numerous an

ti-job creation votes you have cast, have all plunged our local communities into deeper turmoil and hopelessness.

Here are the facts of your record:

– You have crushed us and continue to crush local families with massive federal debt, which as of this week stands at over $16 trillion.

– Since 2009, you have voted to increase the national debt by $5,349,641,980,231.06. That is as much as the entire debt accumulated by the United States from the founding of the country in 1776 until Feb 28th, 1997, back when President Bill Clinton was in his second term.

– Thanks to you and your support for massive new family and job-crushing debt, the total debt ($16 trillion) has increased more while you have served in Congress than in any time in history. Your votes are now killing our future.

– Over the last 4 years, you have voted to accumulate debt at twice the rate of the previous eight years.

Please tell us why you have voted to deepen the recession. Will you finally agree to a series of debates, which you have ducked so far? We await your response.


Joe Rooney
Candidate for Congress