Press Release: Schwartz Celebrates While Constituents Suffer

by Joe Rooney for Congress

Delivered via Mail, Email and Certified Letter

September 5th, 2012

The Honorable Allyson Schwartz

c/o Schwartz for Congress

PO Box 2232

Jenkintown, PA 19046


Dear Ms. Schwartz,

What, and why, are you celebrating in Charlotte?

Are you happy that your constituents are far worse off now then they were when you first went to Congress? 

Or are you celebrating the deep recession you are making worse each day with national debt now at over $16 trillion and no plans to curtail spending?

Are you so pleased with yourself that total U.S. indebtedness from all sources is now a staggering $145 trillion?  This debt will take decades to deal with.

I think I know why you are so happy while your constituents suffer.  Your net worth, according to you, has increased by a million dollars or so while property values have decreased 30-40% for all of us and unemployment has doubled.  It must be nice to celebrate while your constituents are in dire straits.

Finally, your vote to cut Medicare by over $730 billion and ration health care is not something to celebrate, despite your speech in Charlotte.

Afraid to debate?  With your record, you should be.

Please contact my campaign when you are back from your political party and you are prepared to discuss your record.



Joe Rooney

Candidate for Congress